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Budget-Friendly Knit Travel Essentials: Bags, Supplies and More

Travel can broaden your horizons…and empty your wallet. However, the thrifty ones among us know how to save a few bucks here and there by making many travel essentials themselves. Knitting your own bags, cases, organizers and more can be a fun and rewarding experience that makes you ready to take on the world!

When you start packing for a long trip, you realize just how many little conveniences you depend on, from your phone to your tablet. When you’re cramming all of those things into carry-ons and suitcases, they’re going to need a little extra padding to protect them during the trip.

Thankfully, knitters have just the skill to solve that problem. You can knit all types of cases and bags to protect your belongings. Have you seen how much tablet covers cost, or any electronics cases, for that matter? Making your own will definitely help you save money for more souvenirs!

You can make much more than just bags and cases, though. There are many organizer patterns to help you keep your odds and ends in place. It’s awful when you lose things as you travel, and organizers are an easy to make sure you have everything when it’s time to go home.

At AllFreeKnitting.com, we have plenty of patterns to help you travel in style and save money, too!


Budget-Friendly Knit Travel Essentials: Bags, Supplies and More

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