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Carolyn Wainscott’s Vintage County Fair Quilt Block

I call this block “The County Fair” because of the pillow panel fabric I used for the center-it reminds me of a county fair. To coordinate with the center are two prints. The block itself is 16” by 20” -finished, and when sashing and borders are added makes for a fairly quick and easy quilt. As with the original quilt I designed years ago, a border print was used for the sashing. The quilt finishes queen size as pictured. The center of the block is 8” by 10” so I could print Bible verses. This design would also make a great photo quilt for any theme. To learn how to print photos to fabric, FaveQuilts.com has great resources.

The County Fair Block

The County Fair Block

My original quilt was made for our motor home and I can’t believe that was almost 20 years ago.


As you can see, I was into border prints then, also. Love finding them. There were two border prints used in the original quilt along with a solid and a coordinating print. The size of the quilt will depend on the width of border prints if used. There are 12 blocks in this quilt.







The County Fair Quilt Block


General quilting guidelines:
1/4” seams are used, press all seams as you go, pressing seams in alternating rows allows seams to “nest” to lessen bulk at cross seams

To make block:
1. Sew triangles [2] to top and bottom of center square
2. Sew triangles [3] to sides of center square
3. Sew [4] triangles onto block


For quilt: quilt is constructed by sewing rows together across [see quilt photo]
row 1 [SEW 3]: block -sashing-block-sashing-block-sashing-block [press seams
towards left]
row 2 [SEW 2]: 16 1/2” sashing strip-4 1/2” cornerstone-s.s., c., s.s., c., s.s. [press
seams towards right]
Sew rows 1 and 2 together matching seams for 1st set—–Repeat for set 2
Sew 2 sets together, matching seams, Sew remaining row 1 to last row
Sew borders


County Fair center block

County Fair Block-top-bottom triangles

County Fair Block-side triangles


The County Fair Block-C

County Fair-tr. 4-A



What do you like about vintage quilts?