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Easy Easter Crafts for Budget-Friendly Table Setting Ideas

Creativity and utilizing what you already have on hand is the key to creating a colorful, festive, budget-friendly Easter Table Setting.

EasterTable1Decorate your table with fresh cut flowers from the yard and tissue paper folded accordion-style, trimmed with edging scissors, tied then fanned into flowers that you can hang overhead creates a festive. You’ll have a budget-friendly Easter dinner with family and friends that is sure to be memorable.

Fresh cut flowers are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of nature and dress up any table. Usually by Easter there are a few flowers in the yard ready to be cut. This year is an exception. To find affordable flowers, skip the florist and visit a local greenhouse. Chances are they might just have something in bloom that they would sell for a very reasonable price.

To keep flowers fresher longer, place the stems either in water or under running water and cut them at a 45 degree angle. This allows the stems to soak up water instead of air. Also always use lukewarm water to place your flowers in and keep them in the coolest room of your home until you are ready to display them.

For a crafty centerpiece, I made a vase from a small milk jug style bottle. I used a single chalkboard sticker and wrote Happy Easter on it. I set it on top of a two-tier pedestal stand then set decorated cupcakes on both tiers. It created a very nice, inexpensive centerpiece for my Easter dinner table.

Look at places like your local Dollar Stores or thrift shops for spring colored plates, napkins or even Easter-themed napkin holders. Those who have an embroidery machine can make their own napkin holders with leftover fabric or embellish plain fabric napkins with an Easter applique.

Here is one last tip – buy glass instead of paper or plastic plates. They last forever. Switch the accessories and you can make them work for almost any occasion as long as the dishes are a plain color. All it takes is switching out the rest of the table setting décor!

Blooming Paper Flowers

14 to 18 sheets of tissue paper
Ribbon or twist tie
Twine for hanging
Staple gun
Edge trimming scissors

1. Place 14 to 18 sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface and make a fold that is ¾ inch to 1 inch wide.
2. Fold the paper accordion-style making sure the folds match perfectly until you get to the end of the tissue paper.
3. Place a ribbon or twist tie in the center of the folded tissue paper.
4. Use edge trimming scissors to make both ends have ruffles so they look more like flowers. Once this is done gently separate the pieces of tissue paper moving them towards the center until you create a half-circle. Then go to the other side and complete the circle.
5. Use a long ribbon or twine and a staple gun to attach them to the ceiling.

Creating a budget-friendly Easter table setting is easy. It just takes a little planning, a bit of creativity and some shopping around.

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