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15+ Homemade Grocery Store Recipes That Will Rock Your Receipt

With all the time spent rushing around a crowded store, grocery shopping isn’t much fun – even less so when you watch the cashier ringing up all your items. Those dollars just fly away, out of your wallet, into the unknown, don’t they? Before you know it, you’ve got a triple digit total. Groceries are expensive.

Did you know there are ways to save on groceries besides extreme couponing? One of the best ways to save is to make some grocery store staples at home, in bulk. Then, you can stock up on the goods and give your wallet a break. Your grocery store receipts will rock!

There are three main areas where you can save on your grocery budget: homemade sauces, homemade seasonings, and shortcuts. Homemade sauces will save you on those preservative-loaded condiments that seem harmless enough, until you calculate what you’re paying per ounce. Ouch! You’d be amazed at how much cheaper it is to make homemade ranch dressing. Homemade seasonings are another best-kept secret of super savers. They taste better when they’re fresh, too.

Shortcuts are truly the best when it comes to saving, though. It’s not always necessary to buy every single ingredient and make something ‘from scratch.’ Cake mix recipes, crescent roll recipes and other shortcuts can do magic. Not only are they delicious, they save big money.

We gathered our top homemade grocery store recipes that will rock your receipt!

15+ Homemade Grocery Store Recipes That Will Rock Your Receipt


Homemade Sauce Recipes


Homemade Seasoning Recipes


Shortcut Recipes


What’s your tip for cheaper groceries?

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