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The Longest Yard Sale in the World + Vintage Tassel Doll Ornaments

What is my next foray as I search out unique items for my ornaments, decor, crafting?


Have you heard of or been to the annual 127 Longest Yard Sale in the world? People actually come from all over the world. It is a yard sale aficionado’s heaven-over 600 miles of nothing but continuous yard sales.  One of these days I may just rent that motor home and take off so I can check it off my bucket list. [When we had a motorhome, my husband kept the keys very close on The Longest Yard Sale weekends-chuckle, chuckle].  It won’t be packed with much so I can get more stuff in there along the way.


The yard sale is the first weekend in August and I just found a countdown @ http://www.127sale.com/-is that crazy, or what?

Here is part of my group of miniature dolls I picked up in the short distance I did get to drive along one year:


Some have already been used to make these beautiful tassel doll ornaments:

dsc05690 dsc05687


The dolls were already dressed so fringe was added to create the ornaments that can also be used on gifts or as gifts themselves. It only takes a few inches to go around that tiny waist in the length you choose.


You will need:


fringe-either purchased or handmade

hot glue gun


How To Make Fringe

Here is a tutorial I made for FaveCrafts several years ago for making your own continuous fringe quickly and easily with your sewing machine if you choose to make your own. I designed a loom from recycled cardboard that can be made for any length you wish. The tutorial includes a link for making the loom:


Hope to see you along that yard sale. I’ll be that crazy old gray haired gal picking up weird stuff. Just come on over and share your treasures with me, would love to see them.

Happy crafting

Carolyn Wainscott