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Cute Recycled Coffee Cans for Desk Organization

I like looking at my craft supplies as much as I like using them. This means pretty organizing and containers are a must! However, as a consummate recycled crafter, that means I look for ways to upcycle packaging containers that would normally be hitting the trash or recycle bin and use them to corral my craft items. Today’s project features a fun way to take two cardboard canistersthe kind powdered creamer comes inas the base for my Spectrum Noir markers to be stored in.

The first step was to cut the containers down to about 4 inches. I drew a line around the container and VERY carefully with a knife cut the two containers down. The larger one is going to hold the colors and the smaller container is going to hold the gray shades.

These containers are not pretty at all, but that is easily fixed with this beautiful variety of Spectrum Noir markers and some scrapbook paper. I suggest a pretty heavyweight white paper so that the graphics from the container don’t show through the paper.

I used one of my favorite toolsan Omnigrid rulerto draw lines on the page. I varied the distance between each line for a random look.

Then, I drew a light guideline in pencil 4 inches up from one edge. This covers the side of the container. I want to only make one stripe of each color, and it will take more than one strip of paper to get around the whole large container.

Then the fun coloring comes in! The colors are so pretty, and I went for a real random combination. I was happily surprised when two colors I wouldn’t normally think would look good next to each other did look great.

I cut the colored section off and set it aside. I drew another pencil line and colored another strip.

The final strip I colored with all the gray markers with a few pinks and light tans.

All that was left to do was glue the strips of colored striped paper onto the recycled cans.

The last touch I added was a strip of washi tape on the smaller can. I thought it coordinated nicely with the stripes. Also, if your cutting wasn’t perfect, this is a great way to finish the edge off.

If you are like me and like to keep your craft supplies organized in a pretty way, try looking to your recycle bin for some storage options and get coloring!

Stefanie Girard is a crafter with a re-purpose. She has been cutting stuff up since she was old enough to hold a pair of scissors in her tiny hands. She earned her degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and move to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry first as a Set Decorator and Prop Master then onto TV Producer specializing in How-To TV shows for HGTV and the DIY Networks. After writing 5 craft books for the Quarto Publishing Group she now spreads the crafty word online through book reviews and original projects with a focus on recycled elements at SweaterSurgery.blogspot.com.