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Recycled Craft: Supersized Acorns Made From Recycled Sweaters and Salad Bowls

Acorns are my favorite Fall decorating and crafting theme and recycled sweaters are my “go-to” recycled crafting material. These giant sweater acorns are just what you get when I combine my two favorites this time of year.

Recycled Sweater acorn Stefanie Girard




I had made a doughnut pillow out of a brown sweater and decide I was going to triple-cycle it and use it to make these acorns as the colors were perfect. Along with that sweater I had a felted cable sweater. Both felted and non-felted sweaters work great for these acorns.


The size of my wooden salad bowls coordinated perfectly with size of the sleeve of the cable sweater and the pillow. If yours don’t, simply sew a section of sweater into a tube first.

I did a running stitch around the sleeve to gather it up.


After the sleeve was gathered I turned it right side out. There is no need to trim the excess off as the extra as it simply adds to the stuffing.


After stuffing the sweater I used another running stitch to gather up the top of the sweater.

All that is left to do is glue on the salad bowl for the acorn cap and a piece of a branch to make the stem of the acorn. I made a set of 3 and as you can see I gave them all slightly different shapes and sizes.

I hope you’ll give them a try and enjoy yours as much as I smile when I look at mine.

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow crafters.