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Recycled Crafts: Blue Ocean Canvas Wall Art

For centuries, the ocean has been the inspiration behind art and literature. The beauty of the sea has always managed to capture people’s imagination, as it has been symbolized with life, hope and mystery. It is the one thing in nature that truly evokes emotions in all of mankind. For most of us, it creates a sense of peace and tranquility when watching wave after wave break onto the beach.

Here is an artwork that will invite the ocean right into your home. Paint a canvas with powder blue paint and add a white wash to mimic the ocean’s breathtaking waves. Added to a wall, it will create a sense of calm in a bathroom or bedroom.

It is a simple, yet effective way of decorating a beach house. The artwork itself is very versatile. Depending on where you want to use it, the size of the canvas can be adjusted. A bigger canvas can make a bolder statement, which might work well against a big wall. 

Once you have completed your artwork, close your eyes, you might just hear the symphony of the sea!
12″ x 12″ artist canvas
7.4″ x 5.4″ natural unfinished pine craft frame
small and medium sea shells
acrylic paint in the following two colors: powder blue and white
Soudal Fix All Crystal Super Clear bonding glue
Super Glue
quick-drying clear gloss spray varnish

Instructions for making the project:
1. Paint the top and sides of the canvas with a layer of powder blue paint and allow to dry thoroughly. Repeat if necessary and allow to dry again.

2. Apply an uneven white wash to the top and sides of the canvas, and allow to dry.

3. Remove the frame’s glass and backing board, as well as any hardware used to keep the glass and the backing board in place.

4. Give the frame an uneven wash on the top and sides with the white paint and allow to dry thoroughly.

5. Measure where to position the frame, and use Soudal bonding glue to affix the frame to the canvas. Allow to dry for a few hours.

6. Use the shells to make an arrangement inside the frame and use the Super Glue to glue the shells to the canvas.

7. To protect the canvas from wear and tear, apply one coat of the quick-drying spray varnish to the top and sides.