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Upcycled Vintage Country Table Centerpiece

Summer is the best time to host a garden party. It is the time of the year when family and friends get together to enjoy the lovely outdoors, to build new memories, to share laughter and to rekindle relationships or friendships. It is also the most popular wedding season of the year.

As with everything else in life, the higher the demand for a product, the higher the price will be. This makes summer an expensive season. Entertaining is costly, and even more so when one wants to do it in style.

Here is an easy way to make budget friendly table centerpieces. Inspired by the countryside and with an added vintage touch, this table centerpiece will bring an original twist to your party or wedding décor. Made from an empty tin can, who would think that recycling can look so stunning?

Make it easier on your budget by using artificial silk flowers, but if you so choose, you can use real flowers. The centerpiece can be adjusted to suit a multitude of colors.

So, start collecting those empty tin cans and get ready to party!

– Printout of the pattern sheet for the flower petals ~ click here to download it
– Empty tin can
– ± Thirteen 5.5″ long, 0.6″ wide wooden ice cream sticks
– 3.4″-wide cream-colored lace
– 1.4″-wide natural rustic burlap (Hessian) ribbon
– Old A5 size printed book
– One brown 20mm iridescent mussel shell flat round coin drop – – Charm beads
– Suitable brown and gold artificial silk flowers
– Quick-drying green gold spray paint
– Quick-drying matte spray varnish
– Quick-drying craft glue (such as Bostik Clear)
– Standard scissors
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Two rubber bands

Instructions for making the project:
1. Wash and clean the tin can and allow to dry thoroughly. An empty can that contained crushed pineapple works well for this project.

2. Measure the distance between the upper and lower lips of the can. Then, measure and cut the ice cream sticks shorter, so that they could fit between the upper and lower lips of the can.

3. Glue the shortened ice cream sticks around the can. Use the elastic bands to keep the sticks in place until the glue has dried.

4. Spray the inside and outside of the can with the green gold spray paint and allow to dry thoroughly. Do not spray the bottom of the can.

5. Spray varnish over the gold paint and allow to dry thoroughly.

6. Glue the lace around the can, cut off any remaining lace and allow to dry thoroughly.

7. Now glue the burlap ribbon around the can, cut off any remaining ribbon and allow to dry.

8. Make the paper flower:
     a. Tear pages from the book. Trace petals onto the pages from the book and cut them out. You need ± 10 petals.
     b. Add a zigzag fold to the bottom part of each petal.
     c. Glue the petals together so that the petals will overlap and the completed flower will form a circle.

      d. Glue the charm bead to the center of the flower.

      e. Glue the flower to the can. Separate and slightly crumple each flower petal to give the flower a vintage look.

9. Add the artificial flower to the can ~ use crumpled papers from the book to keep the artificial flower in an upright position.